Traveling MAKERS Hack Manhattan!

We were back in NY this week, one of our most favorite places to have to work. On this visit we were able to pop into HACK MANHATTAN. When we arrived we walked into the sound of a 3d printer running and guitar strumming.

We met a few of the members of Hack Manhattan,

that opened in Oct. 2011. Their mission is to provide a public hackerspace with tools, materials and community. Their equipment includes a machine shop, 3D printers, electronics tools and materials and sewing machines.

Their regular open nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 7pm. The space is also open at other times whenever a member is hosting, you can call for event or workshop information.

There were many nooks and crannys to this space, filled with surprises, like resistors, and drawers of electronic equipment, to MAKE with. 3D printers were running and one was even being built. Arduino projects were being discussed, tours were walking through learning about the space, and cool little projects that were made in workshops were hanging around on doors an walls. It was a laid back and very friendly environment, one I would feel comfortable to visit again.

If ever you are in Manhattan on a Tuesday or Thursday night and need a cool place to hang out, pop in and check out this space filled with MAKERS.

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