Hands On Art Studio & Gallery is Busy, Busy, Busy!

We are happy to announce that since we have been back from our vacation, HANDS ON ART STUDIO & GALLERY has been up and running almost non-stop with events and activities.

There are exciting changes with some events and we have added more fun to our calendar.

Our Mid-Morning Coffee Break & Create will continue but will be held on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10am-12pm. (If we have enough requests for the event to return to Mondays then we will acknowledge those requests by brewing some coffee up, turning the kettle and prepping the art supplies.) We have some exciting projects lined up for our Mid-Morning Coffee Break & Create sessions. For $6 you can enjoy a cup of great coffee or tea, or "ART" with us, or hang out with some awesome people, OR DO ALL 3, what a deal!

Our Kids Open Art Sessions started in January and were a hit! We are so happy to see the youth in our community express themselves and let out the creativity! These sessions will continue and we will try our hardest to keep them fresh and interesting so the kids can continue to enjoy and learn new art techniques. We are so excited to share ART with so many young up and coming artists. We have these sessions on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 4pm-5:30pm. On Fridays we will be incorparating the session with our tinker/maker series. For only $6, What could be better than tables filled with art supplies and an hour and a half to create masterpieces with them!

We have also been scheduling teambuilding events and workshops for companies and teams. The main goals of team-building is to improve productivity and motivation. We are helping to take employees or teams out of their normal space and break down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. With the teambuilding activities we help groups discover qualities of spontaneity and humour – in themselves and their group. We also hope to build trust within teams and organizations, strengthen bonds with other team members, combine thoughts and ideas in new ways, recognize and expand intuitive abilities – without fear or judgment. Our activities help teams step outside their usual comfort zone, focus on listening and communicating, learn about styles of communication, adapt quickly and confidently to change, examine issues from new perspectives, work collaboratively and effectively, think inventively, learn by doing, and we hope that we can help teams to apply these experiential skills to real work or team scenarios.

We have added a Family Fun Series where we have projects set up for a family to work on together! We will be offering this event 2 times a month and familes will have to register to fill spots! There will be some technique taught and then your family can use those techniques to create a Family Masterpiece! Look out for information on what projects will be offered and on how to register your family to join in on the fun.

In the past month and a half we have booked private parties which have left our party go-ers with a unique experience and excitement to have future parties for themselves and their friends. We do offer adult and children's p"ART"ies that have art projects that are picked out or themed parties that have suggested projects to fit their theme. The adult parties are also BYOB and food or snacks to make sure we stay in the party mood!

We will also be adding a series of Date Nights and Girls Night Out Create & Sip Events. Which is a night of fun and art, it is also BYOB and food or snacks while we learn art techniques and create unique pieces that coordinate with our styles and decor.

We have a few private parties, team building events, and private workshops scheduled for the next few months, email or call us to save a date for your personal, team or work events, shout@visherryl.com or 573-324-7168.

Hands On Art Studio & Gallery also wants to reach out to the artists in the community and start an Artist Cooperative. We would like a group of artists to work together to spread awareness of the arts, as well as sharing their art, skills and techniques. The co-op will have a shop with their wares and will offer art services, workshops and teaching sessions.

Hands On Art Studio & Gallery will also be putting together a program for schools to do field trips that are themed around cultural studies, math through art, or science through art. Keep checking our website, subscribe to our newsletter, like our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ accounts to stay up to date so you never miss an event or activity that we will be offering.

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