Installation Madness!

I have no more excuses, I can do the installations I have had sitting in my head for months. I now have the space, and I am now making the time to work on these pieces. I am very thankful to be a part of a great collaboration of like minded, dedicated and passionate women that love what they do and how their skills help add joy to the people that take part in their services. Not only am I surrounded by them and many supporters that want our goals to succeed, I get to work closely with them to continuously make the space we are in more adaptable to its ever growing and changing needs. We are located in the WomanSpace builiding in Rolla, MO (12355 State Highway CC), and we get to collaborate with Summer Birth Services, StoneCrest Dance Center, and so many other great ladies of business.

WIP: Girl on Fire

I started my CHOICES: EMPOWERMENT ENCOURAGEMENT ENLIGHTENMENT COLLECTION a few years ago, and it has continued to grow, literally with this installation. This piece 14ft long and has been in my head and scribbled on many papers and napkins and is now becoming a reality. This piece is called Girl on Fire and she is a powerful, flowing being that represents my journey. My life has been full, ever changing and at first glance can look overwhelming and chaotic, but when you look closer you see a determined face handling the change and movement around her.

WIP Anemoi (the goddess of wind)

Another piece for my CHOICES: EMPOWERMENT ENCOURAGEMENT ENLIGHTENMENT COLLECTION, she is called Anemoi (the goddess of wind). She is alsoa powerful, flowing being that represents taking control in all directions of life. Anemoi had the power to control the four directional winds. She was able to balance and delegate the powers in all directions.

Many more installations are going up in the studio and we hope you will come by to check them all out and participate in our interactive labs and installation. Make sure to register for a workshop or plan an event with us.

We are located at 12355 State Highway CC in Rolla, MO.

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