Having my cake and eating it, and a piece of yours if you are not quick enough.


Opportunity comes in so many different fashions these days. Enough that I am able to be picky about which ones I choose or turn down.

But, another thing that irks me is when people say I am so luck, that things seem to fall in my lap. Hmmmm, I wish that were the truth. Luck may play a part in things, but I assure you that hard work, money, sacrifice and making family and friends wonder wtf or make them angry with decisions I make. So, luck plays a very small part in the equation. Opportunity appears to me, because I am always open to it.

I am not greedy though, I try to open opportunities to those around me, hoping that the people I love and hope to give a piece of "cake" to will accept it and enjoy eating it. I get somewhat disappointed when I get turned down by some, only because I see it as them turning down "joy". I am offering "joy" to them, and how dare they turn it down!

Many of my opportunities have risk involved, but what in life doesn't? I know I should not have expectations for people and not get so disappointed when they turn down my offers. I should know that the way they see risk is different from how I see risk. I found that I am risky, moving from opportunity to opportunity, starting over a few times, failing many times, working hard to get back to the top and not letting fear make excuses for not grabbing my "cake". I have to learn to be patient and know that everyone must go through their own process to reach certain goals.

I do understand that we have different experiences and that there are true obstacles that prevent people, whether it be finances, location, or just fear for whatever other reason, and I know that some circumstances do make it harder for people. Which is when I want everyone to know that opportunity will not always stay open until you are ready. I will continue to hope and share opportunities with those I love. I would like them to be apart of the risk that leads to "cake", but one day even the opportunities I have to offer will be limited or given to someone who takes the risk first. Letting fear stand in your way of getting to certain goals can turn into a debilitating obstacle, making it harder to reach those goals.

I write this because there have been times I have shared information about opportunities to more than one person and sometimes one gets mad because the other jumped on it before them. That is what I am afraid of for myself, and I know I should not fear for others to lose opportunity, but I do. I do fear that when I know in my gut opportunities are going to work out and take off, some people hesitate and I know that the opportunities will be filled and they will miss out.

I will never stop trying to share opportunity with those around me, that in my heart I know would be perfect or passionate about the chance. And a great friend of mine said, "continue to be generous with the information/opportunities you share with others because when your intent is pure, you will be rewarded,"

and "it is about the giving".

The way I live my life is like the clichés you read. I want big changes, so I take big risks in my life, I put my plan into action and I make today count, I think that goals are dreams with deadlines, I do think that the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. And the list of clichés go on and on, but there is a times to stop reading those clichés and start living them. Because, if you don't go after your piece of cake I may take it and eat so the opportunity, the joy, is not wasted.

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