Spring is in the air, but the nip of winter has still been lingering. It's still cold and in some parts, snow keeps sneeking up on us. This unstable weather is making it difficult to take those shorts and tank

tops out and put those sweaters and jeans away. Well, let's think of some of the things we can do in this transition from winter to spring to help us from falling into a frustrating whirlwind of confusion.

Wear a lighter color coat to stay warm, but start showing your bright spring colors off so you can start changing with the seasons in a new look. Having brighter colors will also give you the hope that change will soon be here. So, stay warm on those drop into the 30's and 40's evenings but give yourself the fresh look for spring with the brighter, lighter colors.

Give your make up, a make over. Start adding those bright spring colors into the mix. Pop into the salon and get that spring time hair cut, and bright "spring break" nail colors onto those fingers and toes. Pucker up those lips and add some sultry tropical colors that remind you of the warmth of the beaches and sipping strawberry darquiris.

Don't stop adding color, make sure your purse becomes a statement piece. Make that purse define your springy and fun personality by adding those pops of color and fun patterns to the mix. Make sure the only "winter blue" that is seen is being clutched in your hands as a little handbag with pizzazz.

Do not let your feet feel left out. Depending on what the weather throws at you, thunderstorms, hail & tornadoes, snow & sleet or a day of sunshine, make sure your shoes are comfortable and that when you look down they make you smile. Make sure your flats, rain boots, pumps, or sneakers have a pop of color that again reminds you that spring really is right around the corner.

And last but not least those undergarments. Even though no one but you and those you choose to give a peek to can see, make sure you have that sassy spring time color under there. Start with your lingerie. Find your favorite colors and shades and find fits that make you feel great and are comfortable and fun.

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