Savor Your Moments, Be Appreciative, Be Generous.

Sometimes we go through life like we have all the time in the world. But what if we started living like tomorrow with our loved one wasn't guaranteed? I can attest to how quickly time flies. My oldest is 21 and I also have a 20 year old that grew up in a blink of an eye. I have a 10 year old that I am trying to make sure I savor in every way I can. Because I do know how fast his childhood will be, I make efforts to linger in the moments with him. Once you take the time to savor your moments you will see how much happier you can choose to be.

Things that can make our days happier are easier said than done. It is not difficult to be happy, but it is difficult to implment and prioritize those parts in our lives. We put things off because we act or live like there is plenty of time to do things.

We need to learn to savor the moments, you will find that this will reduce stress and any negative thoughts. Remind yourself that life is happening right now, whether you like it or not, whether you like your surroundings or events that are happening or not, your life is happneing. Make the decision to take part in the chaos, the joy and the fleeting moments of life. Within the messiness that life can be, make sure to take opportunities and risks that help you to live the life you have always wanted. Make the list of things to do become a reality, and start checking off your bucket list.

When you make the steps to start living right now take time to slow down and enjoy the moments you have chosen, embrace your desicions. When you decide to go on that 2 week cruise, take time to make memories, laugh and enjoy your surroundings. In life you do not always get what you want, but you can make the decision to enjoy what you do have. Do not miss the other beautiful things on your path because you are looking for the flowers to smell.

Be appreciative and thank those around you, you will find that in your gratitude you feel better about your life. Start saying thank you for everything, time, gifts, assistance, kind words, everything that makes you appreciate the person and gesture or words that they have taken the time to do or say. You could also make a list of the things and people that you appreciate, and make efforts to show your appreciation for those things that you are more aware of.

We are not always surrounded by our favorite people. Make a point to change the way you look at the people you are not as happy to be around. Make a point to realize when you are being over critical of these people, and try to think of good qualities they may have and things they do that you are appreciative of .

Give of yourself and time which will make you feel better about yourself and perhaps boost your self-esteem. Volunteer, spend time at your local elementary school, library, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, nursing home, or hospital. Give blood, be a mentor, clean up your neighborhood park. Just do something that is for anyone but yourself on a regular basis. You will start feeling accomplished and you will see the fruits of your labor slowly grow. You could also inspire someone to take the same steps and continue the cycle of giving.

In the short version of things make the choice to find happiness by Savoring the Moments, Being Appreciative, and Generous.

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