Grand Opening of WomanSpace Viewing of installations from exhibition "CHOICES: Empowerment, En

WomanSpace is a women's community center that serves as a hub to woman-centered activities, businesses and organizations. Its mission is to provide a saf, nurturing, physical space for the woman of Rolla and immediate surrounding communities to gather, network their endevors, support each other, learn from each other and to access other community resources.

It was the perfect location to present installations that are a part of the "CHOICES: Empowerment, Encouragement, Enlightenment" exhibition. This exhibition is a growing one that travels from space to space. It is filled with written stories, poetry and visual installations that were created with the purpose to empower, encourage and enlighten. The installations is filled with words and visions of strength, inspiration, and comfort.

It was not the full exhibition, but some of the favorite pieces of the exhibition. We all have struggles and challenges that teach us lessons and guide us through life. I am interested in how emotions can form networks with others we may not have ever had the opportunity to encounter. My hope is that the struggles and experiences that help us to gain new qualities, can be used or realized by others if we share them. We can share our choices and their outcomes with many around us. I feel that in this exhibition I will be able to share, inspire and reach out to many networks through my experiences, and many others that were willing to share theirs. In the visual and written pieces and internal landscapes of this exhibition we hope the CHOICES that are shared will give EMPOWERMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT or ENLIGHTENMENT (or all 3).


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