CHOICES: EMPOWERMENT ENCOURAGEMENT ENLIGHTENMENT has installations that recieved wonderful reviews and words that made the work very rewarding.

"A Strong Woman (is)..." installation posed a question online and the answers were posted up on post-its and mounted and hung. The reactions to the answers were fun, interesting and very emotional for some. It was an interactive installation where the visitors for the day were able to add more answers and post them on a blank board made for that day. By the end of the day the 2 blank boards were filled with input that, again, was very thoughtful, inspiring and humorous. It opened up many conversations on some of the answers and I found it interesting how thoughtful some people were when answering and then there were some that knew and were confident in what they were writing. I also found a few people again, that found finishing that statement difficult and emotional.

(In the photo above the pictures "A Strong Woman (is)...", and the

"Run, Motivate, Empower, Bling...")

"Run, Motivate, Empower, Bling..." installation got very positive reactions. My roomate from Vancouver and dear friend ran a half martathon a month for the year of 2014. I thought it was a wonderful journey that she hared online and asked her what her motivation behind doing this was and a brief note of what it taught her or had given to her life.

This was her answer:

Hmmmm...wish I had some deep wisdom and insight here, but it is all going to be very superficial. A fb acquaintance (read as "rival") did 13 runs in 2013 and got a lot of cool medals so being the competitive individual that I am I decided that I too can do that. I thought one half marathon a month would be really pushing it so that is how I set my goal. By the time March rolled around I had already developed some really awesome training habits and realized that one a month is totally attainable and even easy. So I stuck in an extra couple runs to make it 14 in 2014 (ha, ha fb acquaintance, how do you like them stats!). I pretty much based where I was going to run on the size of the medal. What? You know I wasn't running to improve my health or to raise money for some distant aunt who died of some obscure disease. Bling, baby, bling! The motivation was nothing noble, just being competitive and wanted some cool bling and travels to put in my scrapbook. Met some fabulous people in my travels including a running buddy who I keep in touch with on a regular basis who lives in Sarasota, FL and hopefully will come visit in August for the Lululemon run. Discovered the joy of Airbnb and the convenience of Uber. Most importantly I realized that when you share your goals (like posting on fb) people really do want to see you succeed and encourage you all along the way. Wanting to not disappoint those encouraging friends almost became even more motivation than the bling. It just proved what I had long believed - that setting goals, not being afraid of letting people know what those goals are and taking them one step at a time (literally when running a half marathon) until you cross the finish line actually works. And I really embraced the Nike logo - "Just do it!" You do know that Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. Seriously.

The installation was a success. The people loved reading her story and I loved being able to tell people how wonderful she is as a person and how I loved following her running journey. Many people were enspired and loved reading though and seeing the pictures of her running year and medals (BLING).

(In the photo above "All Shapes and Sizes" illustration)

"All Shapes and Sizes" installation had a few mini wheatpaste paintings, and illustrations that had women of different shapes and sizes displayed. This part of the exhibition was to encourage and empower women to love themselves no matter what shape or size, color or design. These pieces also got great input and opened many up to conversation about how important it is to love ones self.

ALL in ALL the exhibition was a great success!

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