Everyone Should Do Art Therapy!

Everyone can benefit from art therapy.


When people hear about art therapy, the usual thought is it being a benefit to children. We also usually think of children with social disorders, disabilities, diseases or even physical or emotional trauma. We think children, especially younger ones, are not able to or are comfortable to express themselves with words. But, if we think a little more into it, not only are there are a lot of adults, with disorders, or trauma of some sorts, but also many adults that feel incapable and less comfortable to express themselves through words.

Everyone can benefit from art therapy. Art therapist can help you open up and utilize your creative process to see things about yourself and situation that you are not able to comprehend or express with words. These processes can help you get through your healing and provide insight on things about yourself and situation that you may not have ever touched on through mainstream therapy sessions.

With guidance it is a great way to find insight and better mental health. You may learn skills of expressing yourself that will stretch beyond therapy sessions. It could become something that becomes a part of your life. You may find yourself doing creative processes as a part of your daily routine to relieve stress, discover yourself and grow.

You can also find a new group of creative people to share these experiences with.

When you start doing new things, new people come into your life, and with art therapy you will find this. People that have this in common with you can help you through your recovery process or healing may take a different path, one that is open and friendly vs painful and lonely. You will be surrounded by people that needed to find a way to express themselves, just like you.

So art therapy can benefit EVERYONE from those that need with extreme circumstances of disability or trauma to those who need help socially. Some of us that are shy or withdrawn need help to deal with social situations. Not that everyone should try to be an extrovert, but for an introvert it could help ease anxiety in social situations, if they are able to do or think about their creative processes. It can also improve the mental health, as well as the emotional and physical states of people. By raising the quality of life for some and aiding in either a healing or growth process, art therapy has benefits for EVERYONE. Everyone should grow, and heal and be heard!

With or without an art therapist or maybe a little of both, art therapy, at some point can benefit you, just by helping you find a way to open up your creative side. You never know, you may be enlightened by your work or you may be the one that encourages someone to find strength or creativity though your art.

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