UPDATE (12-01-14) THEY REACHED THEIR GOAL!!!! YAY!!!! Keep Kemistry Alive!

A goal of £15,000 is set on Kickstarter to help save the iconic Kemistry Gallery, filled with walls of graphic design exhibitions showcasing work of great designers both past, present and the upcoming. This iconic location faces closure and as it is about to celebrate its 10th year it plans to host a pop-up exhibition as well as this campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and secure their future in a new location. The pop-up version of Kemistry will also feature a café, a bar and a series of talks by leading design figures, showcasing some of the new features that will be part of the revamped Kemistry Gallery when it reopens later in 2015.

This neon sign has not been turned off since they opened 10 years ago. Their front door is also famous, for being repainted with a different design every month!

Arts Council England has awarded Kemistry £15,000, but in order to put on the exhibition Kemistry has to match the £15,000 to cover the exhibition's cost. The success of the exhibition will help them establish a firm financial platform for the gallery’s permanent relocation, so they are asking their close friends and fellow travellers in the design world and further afield to lend them a hand. Anything their well-wishers can spare will be gratefully received and duly acknowledged in a range of rewards from a special edition Jean Jullien postcards, to a one day print shop with Anthony Burrill, a great opportunity to learn from one of the contemporary masters of design and printing. (Go to their Kickstarter capaign page and check out the awesome rewards).

I as an artist hate to see such a wonderful place not reach its goal so I want to do my part to call out to you to spread the word, and make people aware. Ever little bit counts, even if it is sharing and spreading the word using the #SaveKemistryGallery digital badge and hashtagging posts, and following and sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

#kemistrygallery #london #uk #graphicdesign

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