SEPTEMBER - Creative Challenge

There are so many ways to look up reference or research things to get inspired to create, Google, Pinterest, t.v, movies, magazines and books. So to help cut down on the searching I put together a list that might help some creative juices to flow, there is really no time limit and you do not have to be strict on yourself, though it may be helpful in the creative process. Sometimes working with deadlines that you set for yourself helps you to create things quickly, without thinking too much. Working under pressure can be a great thing, but like I said before the hope is that you find some inspiration and create beautiful things & enjoy the process!

For those who are at their happiest time in life or maybe their most challenging, this may be a great way to express the overwhelming feelings that are filled in your head and share them in a way that can help you express your joy or even your grief. Sometimes sharing positivity can help those who need it, and sharing sadness can help with healing and understanding. Either way it may be a wonderful experience to have a concept in your mind and create something to represent what you think or feel.

I would love to see or read what these things may have inspired you to create, so if you like post them here or on our Facebook page

My favorite color with a little abc thrown in!

Create a piece of art or write about the things on this list of ideas or use your own ideas and and express how they make you feel:

1. Your favorite color.

2. Something you need.

3. Childhood.

4. Something you miss.

5. Your fears.

6. Your greatest accomplishment (so far…)

7. Your favorite person.

8. Your favorite song.

9. Nature.

10. Mythical creatures.

11. Doodle how you feel right now, and time yourself to finish in 30 minutes.

12. Something you want.

13. Your wildest dream.

14. Your biggest hope.

15. An animal that represents you.

16. Your favorite thing to do ever.

17. Your favorite character from a book/movie.

18. The thing you despise the most in life.

19. Change.

20. Moving on.

21. Heartbreak.

22. Love.

23. Friendship.

24. Someone who has inspired you.

25. Your favorite fairytale scene.

26. Relationships.

27. Laughter.

28. Tears.

29. A person you are proud of.

30. A place you want to visit or a thing you want to do.

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