Goodbye PEARL PAINT (Florida)

When hearing of the closing of the legendary red building in NY, I wanted to honor the beloved art supply store, PEARL, and did a “one liner”. I tried to capture the greatness in my piece. Reading all the articles about this made me a little emotional, in a way I did not think I would feel about a place again ever. Until my recent visit to Florida and visiting my PEARL, the one I drove out of my way to visit and shop for my supplies. For over 25 years I have bought supplies from the location off of Oakland Park Blvd., to find they were closing and were the last location that PEARL had left. throughout the nation they have closed “our art supply mecca”.

Our Beloved PEARL PAINT NY... In tribute I did one of my "one liners", I hope you enjoy it!

As I scavenged through the supplies that were all 50% off, I felt as if I was at a dying relatives home marking the items I wanted after they pass. I was torn between getting things at unbelievable prices and never being able to walk through those isles that I did as a child, or shuffle through the endless papers and artboards and buy supplies from a “real” art store. Because of technology, where my art has taken me, art stores are closing all over the place, such a bitter realization. With the closing of PEARL, artists will have a hard time finding new art supply stores that will stock the high quality of products and services at great prices as PEARL. I guess I will have to buy online, because the prices will just be better than trying to find a little mom and pop art supply place that probably buys their inventory from where I will be ordering it.

I feel a bit guilty swimming in my bags of 50% off supplies, but not so guilty that I will not stop in before leaving Florida to make sure I get one more deal. Goodbye PEARL PAINT, you will be missed and I will always have great memories of art because of you!

#pearl #artsupply #goodbye

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