Last Minute Decisions Lead to Unexpected Surprises...

We recently did a road trip to New York, and were very excited to have the opportunity to have a little break from our reality. For those who know me, I was packed up and ready for any situation as soon as I found out we were going. I also did research for events, places to go, and of course food locations we had to stop and eat in. We did do most of the things I researched, except the eating locations, we just kind of winged it, which turned out to be wonderful for our taste buds!

One of the first things that was not on our list was a concert to see Bill Wharton, the “Sauce Boss”. We drove to Binghamton, NY, to the Goodwill Theater and the show was outstanding. It was not the first time we saw the “Sauce Boss” in concert. Not only does he play a soulful slide, sings his original songs, plays a drum kit with his feet, he makes gumbo throughout the performance and then feeds his audience. Portions of his tickets sales, plus sales from CD’s and his bottles of hot sauce go towards feeding many in shelters. He has played and cooked gumbo and has fed over 190,000 people for free at shelters and centers that help the homeless and needy. He describes his performance as a multi-sensory soul shouting picnic of rock and roll brotherhood...and at the end of the night everyone eats. It was an exciting night out and one of the surprises on our trip! We made sure to buy his CD-Rom with an embedded cookbook on it, and a bottle of his hot sauce.

Another wonderful surprise was when we visited one of my beloved friends, Lara, she lives in the middle of all the action in city and suggested we walk to the train via the High Line. It has been a while since I visited NY, so was not aware of the High Line. We were so happy we took her suggestion it was an exciting route to take to the train. Starting with the climb up the stairs and looking down three stories. The High Line is a repurposed section of the elevated former West Side Line, the railway has been turned into an urban park. The park is filled with over 210 species of greenery, dividing the tracks with pebble-dash concrete walkways. The views were stunning in all directions, and there is a lot of seating, portions of the track have been fitted for rolling lounges facing perfectly for river views and other seating faced the city side. There is also space for performances and cultural attractions. There are several entrances to reach the High Line and most of them are handicap accessible, which makes it a great experience for everyone. What an adventure our walk to the train turned into.

On our way home while driving through Corning, my son asked if we could visit the Corning Museum of Glass, which I thought was a little random. Then he explained throughout the visit he saw many billboards and advertisements for the museum, so i guess their marketing worked. So, even though we had a long drive ahead and we were about done with being on the road, we decided, “what the heck”. One of the best last-minute decisions ever! This museum is a not-for-profit museum dedicated to telling the story of glass. The story is told and is filled with art, history, culture, technology, science, craft and design. There are several collections and exhibits that show how much glass plays a part in our lives. There are workshops to make crafts with glass and demonstrations that go on throughout the day which is hands-on for the audience.

My son, got to experience one of these demonstration first hand. The perfect demonstration for a 9 year old boy, “Destruction of Glass Demo”, where he learned about the different strengths of glass, how they test it and then got to put goggles on and break all the glass in the demonstration. And icing on the cake at this surprise visit to this museum, he received a glass penguin for participating and helping to destroy glass! An awesome surprise to end a great road trip!

Corning Museum of Glass, worth the visit!

Check them out

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