DECO-MAN is an art of VAGINA!

Japanese artist, Megumi Igarashi was arrested for using 3D scans of her vagina to create her art work! The arrest came after she was suspected of sending files to a service bureau with the intent to produce a model of her genitals. She has said that it was not her that sent the files and that it may have been one of 32 people that downloaded the files that was part of a crowdfunding campaign got her latest project of a kayak using her vagina as reference. As part of her campaign,

anyone who made a contribution of at least 3,000 yen could download the files. A petition is circulating aimed at securing her immediate release from jail, and it's rapidly nearing the target goal of 5,000 signatures.

Megumi Igarashi says on her about page of her blog, "As an artist, I focus on my own vagina as the motif for my art. My work is against discriminative/ignorant treatment of the vagina.

She started because she had never seen the vagina of others and was too self-conscious of her own. Vagina, have been such a taboo in Japanese society, where the penis, has been used in illustrations and has become a part of pop culture. She wanted to make the vagina more casual and pop, as well. So, the making of the vagina lampshade, and a remote-controlled vagina car, vagina accessories, a vagina smartphone case, and so on was "birthed". She even wrote a comic book called DECO-MAN. She makes art pieces with her vagina, which she would rather call Manko. When she was asked to be a guest on a TV show, they wouldn’t dare let her say DECO-MAN because “MAN” is from the taboo word “Manko”.

Guess, what, you can join in on the fun. She holds workshops at her studio where you can make pieces of art made out of lady bits! But not just any lady bits, "your" lady bits. Her workshops are held for women who want to make their own DECO-MAN. She holds them once a month and she creates a model of a woman’s vagina using a dental impression agent. Each person attending the workshops are in a private room to get casted. To strengthen the model, gypsum is used, and the model is then is ready to be decorated. And if you have thought about how you would decorate your lady bits if given the opportunity, you can bring your own decorations to make your design a reality!

Accessories and art pieces that were made by Megumi Igarashi.

#vagina #art #japan #manga #manko

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