Swing Dances!

Being able to appreciate dance with all of my being I am starting a collection of One Liners that will be dedicated to dance, of all kinds. I have started this collection with poses that you will recognize in your swing dances! I hope I was able to capture the smoothness of West Coast and the the energy in the Jive with some of the poses!

I still dance, but not nearly as much as I would like to. Life has been so busy, but is starting to settle into a routine and after I pick the printing company to start printing my designs, I will be at a point where things that are important to me will start moving up on my list of things to do more regularly. (Yes, that list actually exists for me). Dance is high on that list, so is starting a vertical, hydroponic garden and starting a health / workout group, so updates on those will be posted along with Virtual Visions that will be created because of the inspiration they will give me.

Keep checking in for updates on all that is going on and wish me luck I have a "BIG" list of goals to accomplish.

#dance #swing #jive #westcoast #eastcoast #lindy #shag #jitterbug #boogiewoogie

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