Ready to get messy?
Create like an Abstract Expressionist as you splatter and drip like the famous American artist Jackson Pollock.
Choose your colours or pick from our favourites. Let's get messy in some paint!
Basic Party includes having each guest work on their very own splatter keepsake, as well as a group painting on illustration/canvas using the techniques of Jackson Pollock.
The final result is a magnificent masterpiece for the birthday person to treasure!
  • Details

    Cost: $195

    The party cost includes 10 guests (including the birthday person), Materials, 1 hour of studio time and 45 minutes of party time.

    Additional Fees Extra guests: $20 per person

    Awesome Upgrades!
    11″× 14″ pre-stretched canvas: $9 per person
    9″× 12″ canvas panel: $6 per person

    Ages This party is suitable for ages 4 & up with instructions scaled accordingly.

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