Owner / Operator of Hands On Art Studio & Gallery

Visherryl Morgan

Born in the Philippines to a Filipino mother and Caribbean (Trinidad & Tabago) born father, Visherryl Morgan was drawn to express herself through art at an early age. Growing up in a mixed culture with pride for her Asian & Caribbean culture influence her work of today.  


Upon completing various portfolio classes in high school, her advanced drawing and painting skills led her to pursue commercial and private commissions soon after graduation. After a decade of getting different degrees from Fine Art to Digital Animation & Visual Effects she moved from opportunity to opportunity, which included HI, CA, MI, NY, Central FL, LA, Vancouver BC, Canada and she has now settled into Rolla, MO.

I'm a multi-disciplined artist. I love to create with many different mediums, and continue to learn as much as I can in all of them. I hope to be able to reach people, and  love to create projects that move and inspire others.

My love and involvement in visual arts and dance has established within me a desire to recognize true artistry in all aspects of life and has forced me to constantly strive for excellence and improvement.


​Today, Visherryl continues to work full time creating timeless murals, large paintings and limited edition reproductions. She raised 4 kids her older kids Jay Varano, Kaila Varano and Rebecca Morgan are in college or working in professions that they are passionate about. Visherryl now resides in Rolla, MO with husband, Sean and their son, Sean II, where they own & operate Hands On STEAM Studio & Gallery, Hands On STEAM provides relevant, innovative and rigorous educational opportunities to the community of Rolla.


"Visherryl Digital Artist - Graphics, Designs apparel, Illustrations"

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